Affiliated to CBSC, New Delhi. ( Aff.No.3630188 )
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Chairman’s Message:

We are delighted to have this opportunity to share with you an insight into the life at OVIS. We are also happy to show you something of how we work to inspire our students and help them realise their full potential both during the time spent at OAK and outside.

The  aim of our institution is to anticipate and accept the challenges of the future. Every child is blessed with a talent of one behind or the other. We at OVIS provide the most fertile atmosphere to stimulate curiosity and encourage the inquisitiveness of your child. It’s our sincere effort to spot, build and highlight the inborn talent of the child.

We promise to prepare the child to stand tall by facing the challenges that he / she will face in life by laying a strong foundation of confidence, creativity and capability.

We strive to mould competent and magnanimous personality which will enable the child to serve self, family, society, nation and world.

Creative learning methods challenge and excite a child’s intellectual faculty to unfold the joy of learning.

Mr. M. Inna Reddy