Affiliated to CBSC, New Delhi. ( Aff.No.3630188 )
For Admissions Call: 7207064232 / 7331102100

Admissions Procedure

Admissions Procedure:

A campus visit is recommended followed with a collaborative discussion with admission co-ordinator. There would be an assessment test of English, Maths and science for the students seeking admission to our school and result will help us giving better support to the child. Parents and students are required to meet the Principal after the admission procedures are over.

Admission is completed only after the registration process. Admissions are subject to seats available in the respective grades.

1. Registration of pupil is pre-requisite to admission. However registration is not a guarantee to admission. The amount payable is not refundable

2. Please fill the form and submit the following documents to the admission coordinator.
          I. Birth Certificate
          II. Transfer Certificate
          III. Progress reports of last three years.
          IV. Five (5) Passport size photographs.

3. Ensure that all the necessary forms are completely and rightly filled in all respects so as to facilitate the further admission process.

Admission coordinator will talk to the child and parent in friendly atmosphere.

1. Admission into OAK Valley is granted based on the child’s performance, availability of seat as per class limit and Student Teacher ratio.

2. Admission is only deemed to be confirmed on receipt of Initial fee and First Quarter Fee.

3. Refundable (non-interest bearing) caution deposit is to be payable at the time of admission. Which will be refunded along with T.C when the child leaves OAK.

4. All the prescribed or otherwise necessary documents (originals) are to be kept ready for verification at the time of admission.

Note: Withdrawals shall be informed to the management well before the new academic session begins. (i.e 2 or 3 months) else they will be liable to pay the associated fee. This is done so as to facilitate the new admissions as there will always be limited seat available for every academic year. Hence we ask you to kindly co-operate.