Affiliated to CBSC, New Delhi ( Aff.No.3630188 )
For Admission ( 2018-19 ) Call: 7207064232 / 7330012100



Great teachers are the core of a great school more than any other factor.

Oak Valley is committed to recruiting faculty who are dedicated, passionate about their subject area and excited by the prospect of working within a diverse community. Being open-minded and curious, our teachers help students form connections across disciplines and emphasize active, collaborative learning.

Oak Valley has an outstanding faculty with a tremendous experience base and qualifications. They love working with children and helping them to grow and develop the attributes of the learning to which we subscribe. We seek to inspire students and to provide them with the academic and social skills that will enable them to fulfil their human potential as responsible global citizens.

They will be involved in monthly in-house professional development workshops on pedagogical aspects that will enrich their classroom

Staff Particulars

S.No. Name of the Teacher Designation
1 Dr A R Hephzibah PRINCIPAL
3 K Sunitha TGT
4 Vani Theresa TGT
5 Arun Singh TGT
6 Preethi Rani TGT
7 A S Sandhya TGT
8 V L N Shanmukhi TGT
9 N Vijaya Shanthi TGT
10 Lalitha TGT
11 V R S Ramesh TGT
12 Sazeera Joseph TGT
13 G Kameswari TGT
14 Thakur Kavitha Singh TGT
15 I Jyothsna TGT
16 N Anuradha TGT
17 Ch Suman Kumar TGT
18 Ruth Sapphire TGT
19 Ramalinga Raju TGT
20 Farah Begum PRT
21 Vinaya Kumari PRT
22 O P Ashwin Kumar PRT
23 Savita Patil PRT
24 P Yashoda PRT
25 Joyce Rachel PRT
26 G Swapna PRT
27 R Priya Darshini PRT
28 B Rajani PRT
29 Shaik Rehana PRT
30 Christie Theresa Anthony PRT
31 Sangeetha N PRT
32 Annie Ellias PRT
33 S Nalini PRT
34 Myronnisa PRT
35 A Saritha PRT
36 M Swathi PRT
37 Racheal Anne Lyke PRT
38 K Clevita Tina PRT
39 Vandana Asst. Teacher
40 Sangeetha R Asst. Teacher
41 Vaishali Asst. Teacher
42 Sujatha Asst. Teacher
43 P Satish Asst. Teacher
44 N Prasanna Lakshmi Asst. Teacher
45 K Gopi Kiranmayi Asst. Teacher
46 M Swapna Asst. Teacher
47 Deepika Asst. Teacher
48 Hazeera Asst. Teacher
49 Sheril Roy PPT
50 Sushmitha PPT
51 Anupama PPT
52 Natasha PPT
53 T Saritha PPT
54 N Manasa PPT
55 N Sandhya Reddy ART & CRAFT
57 Shiva Kumar KARATE MASTER
58 Bhanu Prakash MUSIC MASTER
60 Balakrishna SWIMMING COACH
61 A Siva Kumari Accountant
62 D Rajani Office Asst.
63 D Kavitha Adm.
64 Deepthirani Gouda Adm.